Here’s to following your heart…

“Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

Some of you may know me, many of you may not and that is okay. I am a lover of Christ, a mom, a worker, and a student. I am a granddaughter, a daughter, a sister, a cousin and an aunt. But most of all I am just me. I am Casey, persistent about pursuing my dreams despite all the uphill battles one has to endure to follow one’s dreams. I am reaching out of that comfort zone, taking new risks, meeting new people, and trying new things, like blogging.

I am on an incredible journey right now in my life and I have been having the urge to share it lately. I have been so tremendously blessed these last few years and the blessings keep coming from the Man upstairs. I feel that this is God’s way of telling me to keep marching on the path, there will always be pot holes and road blocks but with Him anything is possible.

I applied to Texas A&M in hopes of finishing my degree and getting a job, and possibly a fresh start in a new town. However attending Texas A&M has not only given me those things, it has brought back my true passion which had been tucked away through the years. I have always loved agriculture, specifically the cattle industry. I have been given a new start, and a new chance to pursue that. I have rekindled that passion and have not looked back since.

Last year I joined the Texas Aggie Cattlewomen and taking that initial first step to attend that first meeting was a big step for me. See, I am an older college student, a mom, and big groups were not really my thing. I liked to go to school, work and go home. However, that meeting changed my whole world and I am so thankful for that.

I am currently the Vice President of Texas Cattlewomen as well as the Secretary for the Texas Aggie Cattlewomen. I have embraced being a leader and being in big group settings, and I love it. This year has been amazing and I am so proud of our girls and all the wonderful things our chapters have been doing to promote beef in Texas. My goal is to keep pushing and trying new things and to stay as involved as possible because when you are passionate about something, it is not work, it is doing something you love.

I am also currently employed at the Texas Beef Council as an intern. This has been one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. It has really opened my eyes to all the wonderful things and wonderful people we have in Texas and all the amazing work we do in the promotion of beef.

I wanted to start this blog to tell about my journey with the Beef Council, so that producers and consumers would become knowledgeable about what we do on a daily basis and how those check off dollars are spent. In addition, I hope to share my story in hopes that it gives others the passion to pursue their dreams.

If you want, please feel free to subscribe to my blog. I welcome any comments, advice, ideas, or anything you may want to hear about. I shall be writing soon about my next event.


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