Finding Joy Each and Every Day

Today marks a new day. Today, I had a revelation. The past few weeks or more like months have been little rough. I have been searching for something that isn’t there. Searching for something that I thought could turn things around. Searching for something that, technically I can only provide for myself, however, I did not know that.

I am an avid reader. Anytime I see a book that looks halfway interesting, I buy it. Anytime, I hear book recommendations, I write them down. I am open to all books, although I would say my favorite would be murder mysteries and any books that are geared towards self-help and growth. I find it very fascinating, the little tad bits of information that you pick up here and there.

Recently, I started reading Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein. I have had this book for a while now and have even tried to start it before and didn’t get into it. That changed though, now was the right time for me to read this and I am so thankful. God works in mysterious ways.

This book is about really connecting with that high power that you believe in, whether that be God, the universe, or a higher spirit. It talks quite a bit about how to get out of a place of negativity and to really focus on the joy in your life. There is even a list of the different emotions that we as humans go through. Within the first four chapters, I realized two things that I have been doing wrong for quite a while.

  1. When I am in a low state, instead of trying to climb out of it, I just want to be on cloud nine again. When that doesn’t happen, it can make me feel even more defeated. It is better to work on one emotion at a time. So, whenever I am sad, instead of trying to feel extreme happiness. I just need to focus a step up from being sad. Being content. Then focus on the next emotion I need to get me to the next step of being ultimately happy.
  1. My second realization was that only I can bring joy into my life. For so long, I have looked to others and things to fill something that I thought I was missing. No one or no material thing can do that for you. You have to be the one to find that joy. You have to be the one that chooses to wake up each morning and choose joy. You have to be the one that finds joy in every crummy situation you may be in.

It is interesting how much at peace I have been the last few days. Waking up every morning, choosing joy, and knowing that things will work out how they are supposed to work out on God’s terms. There is peace in knowing and appreciating all the amazing things you have in your life. To find joy again in your life is an amazing thing. I hope that every morning you choose joy.

As always share some love, we could all use a little more love.



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