Envisioning Your Future Self

Do you ever envision your future self? Can you see the person that you are wanting to be? What does that person look like? What is she wearing? What is he driving? Where is she living? While I have done this exercise a few times, envisioning your future self is powerful. Even when not doing the exercise, there are times when I can just stop and see myself. I am happy, full of life and love, and a better version of myself. Every day, I work to be that future me.

Yesterday as I was driving home, I was listening to my podcast again and she started talking about being productive towards your goals. She brought up the 10-year vision plan again, and I immediately knew I needed to go home and revisit this, to make sure I was on the right track. I know what my 10 years from now looks like. It is the in-between that gets muddy. I try to do too many things at one time and therefore don’t make any real traction.

If you are curious about the exercise, these are the cliff notes but the Rachel Hollis Podcast episode 72 breaks it all down.

First, take 30 minutes and write. Envision yourself in the future. Where are you living, what kind of vehicle are you driving, where are you working, and don’t limit yourself. Dream big and dream as much as you want, there is no wrong answer.

Next, I pulled the top 10 things that I wanted from that list. Now, every time that I do my journaling, I am writing these things out as I have already achieved them. For example – “I own a boutique storefront” – While this has not happened yet, in my 10-year vision, it has. When you are telling yourself you already have something or already are something, you are manifesting things that you want. You have positive thoughts. You are reinforcing what you are working towards.

Next, I take those 10-year goals and see what I can work on for the upcoming year to get closer to those goals.

Then I break the year down into quarters. What can I work on in the next three months that gets me closer to the yearly goal and closer to my future version?

Needless to same, I started filling up pages in my new journal and was grateful for the exercise, as it reminded me of what I need to work on for the end of the year and got me thinking about what goals I wanted for next year. How to focus in on those goals and really put all my effort into one goal at a time. Sometimes when you are working on multiple things the overall effect seems minimal. If you work really hard at one goal and knock it out, progress seems to move faster.

What does your 10-year vision of yourself look like?


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