Overcoming Your Past…

I don’t know about y’all, but for me, my past has been my biggest demon to overcome. I have wanted to unpack it for so long, wanted to examine it, wanted to figure out where I went wrong or why I made the decisions that I made. By doing this, I realized that I will never move forward and become who I am supposed to be if I continue to keep my head in the past.

It is a wonder what some therapy, some amazing conversation between the important people in your life, and some alone time reflecting, writing, and listening to podcasts can do. I would say that the majority of the time when we look at our past, we look at all the failures. We look at the mistakes we made and things that we wish we would have done differently. What we are failing to see though, is that all those trials and tribulations have made you the person you are today. Without those, who knows where you would be.

For me, I begin to see things in a whole new light. Instead of being the grown adult still trying to get her Master’s. I am the grown adult who chose to go back to school and is so close to finishing that degree. I am the women who left an easy desk job to go back to school. To get my degree so that I could give Mattie a better life. I am the lady who did all this as a single parent, playing mom and dad, who has worked 2-3 jobs since the age of 20. I am the amazing person who left one abusive relationship after another because I knew I deserved better. So instead of thinking about all that has gone wrong in your life. Stop and realize how far and how much you have overcome.

You are so much stronger and so much braver than you realize. Tap into that magnificent you and sit back and watch your life change. You are capable of so much more than you know.

Share some love, we could all use a little more love



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