Pocket’s Grille – Smithville, Texas

One of my favorite things about traveling is going through small towns, looking at all the downtown areas, and maybe hitting up some of the local restaurants. I am very blessed to be able to live in one of the coolest small towns I know. Smithville, TX. Mattie and I decided to stop at one of our favorite places in Smithville after school one day.

Pocket’s Grille

This was one of the very first restaurants that I ate at once we moved over to this area. It just has a down-to-earth feel to it. This restaurant is on the corner of 71 and 95, a few streets from the downtown area. One of the cool things about this restaurant is that it has memorabilia from quite a bit of the different movies that have been shot in Smithville. Yes! Believe it or not, there are quite a few!

Of course, they have something from Hope’s Float! Ladies, if you have never seen the movie and are in for a good cry, definitely one to add to the bucket list.

Our favorite meal there is the Chicken Club Tacos (I do not think this is the exact name but they are very easy to find on the menu). Crispy chicken sliced up with lettuce, pico, and bacon. It is served with Chips and your choice of salsa, queso, or guacamole. We also go for the queso!

You have to get there early for dessert. They have this chocolate cake that is to die for! The last time we went they were out, which is a blessing for me!

They also have an outdoor setting and a playground where the kids can play. I have come here on afternoons working outside while waiting for Mattie to get out of school. Very peaceful and relaxing.

Next time you are driving through Smithville, make a stop at Pocket’s Grille!

Where are some of your favorite small town places to eat at?

As always spread some love, we could all use a little more love 💕



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