1883 – If You Aren’t Watching it, You Should

1883. Can we just take a minute and acknowledge how talented Taylor Sheridan is as a writer? I really want you to stop and think about this for a minute. A grown man writing from the perspective of a teenage girl and nailing it. Not only nailing it but literally knocking it out of the park. Can you imagine how creative you have to be to do that? Every single episode, I am blown away.

Yes, I know that men have feelings too, but to understand the capacity of emotions that a teenage girl is going through? That is something spectacular. Watching Isabel May (Elsa), I swear I have gone through every single one of those emotions.

This series has captured my soul. I thought I had an old soul before, but now I know for sure. My imaginations of being back in that time have increased and become more curious. My soul pulls to being there every episode that I watch. To truly live that free. With Wide-open spaces as far as you can see. Living off the land, watching the sunrise and the sunset every day. To go against the grain and the norms of society. I think that is what I love most about Isabel’s character. She creates her own path in the world. She doesn’t do what “society,” thinks she should do.

To be able to live that free. Without the daily hustle and bustle of life as we know it now. That is a powerful thing, my friends. Granted, there are some things that I would miss. Indoor Plumbing and Hot water are two that I can name right off the bat. Oh, and I would definitely be one of those ladies that wore pants!

I am grateful for this series. It has been a whirlwind of emotions so far but I have loved every moment of it. I am pretty sure I have cried every episode as well. From Taylor’s writing to the actors playing the cast, it has been an incredible series. Thank you, Taylor Sheridan, for speaking to the soul of this lil ole girl from Texas.

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