Emotional Intelligence

2022. We are a quarter of the way through it. Has it been the year you thought it was going to be? I will be the first to admit that my 2022 started great. I had my goals planned out and I felt like I was on a roll. Then life happened. There was nothing drastic that changed but mentally something changed. For the last three months, I have felt the struggle. Struggle at work, at home, in my business, and mentally. My motivation to get out there and conquer my dreams had dwindled. BUT, I don’t give up that easy.

I am always reading, every single day, even if I only get 15 minutes in, I am reading something. Recently I read Emotional Intelligence by Brandon Goleman. For me, this book was a fast read, it was just a little over 100 pages. The message was one that I needed to hear though.

I knew I was an emotional person and there are days when my emotions get the best of me. I wanted to give this book a shot because I thought maybe it would help me learn to get a handle on my emotions. Little did I know.

One of the components of Emotional Intelligence is Self-Awareness. “If you pay attention to your emotions, you’ll be better placed to understand why you feel those emotions in the first place.” The 1st of the many light bulbs to go off. I know I get emotional, but I had not been taking the time to understand where those emotions were coming from.

Tips for improving your self-awareness.

  1. Set aside time for introspection – look at the root causes of your thoughts and emotions
  2. Shift your mindset
  3. Practice Meditation and mindfulness

Another Component of Emotional Intelligence is Motivation. “When you are fueled from within, you are more likely to pursue things that fulfill you and make you happy.” Brandon also listed out the following to help boost morale, which I needed!

  1. Set goals that excite you
  2. Put a reward system in place
  3. Write your goals down
  4. Break them into smaller manageable goals

Needless to say, I rewrote all my goals and put that reward system into place. These were two of the many nuggets that I grabbed out of this book. There is also a quiz in the back where you can see where you rate on the Emotional Intelligence scale. Sometimes it is very hard to hear, learn, or read things that we need to improve on. All that is part of the journey though. If you aren’t trying to learn what you need to improve on then are you really growing?

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