Grilling 101

This last week, I was able to attend and demonstrate one of my favorite events! The Grilling 101!

Granted, some people reading this will say, I know how to cook a steak already, what is the big deal? For me, it is a special event. The majority of the time, I get to teach women how to cook steaks on the grill. It is such an amazing feeling, watching the participants and the excitement that they get when their steak comes out perfect. It is also an extreme plus when it tastes really good!

It isn’t just about grilling, it is about coming together as a group. Empowering women, or whoever may be in the group that day. It is the camaraderie between the participants that makes these events worth while.

Plus, it is always nice to throw in a few tips and tricks along the way. Take wire brushes for example, so many people use these to clean their grills but these can be very harmful. The bristles can break off and get stuck to the grill. They have the potential to get into your meat, and if you were to swallow one of those, it could be life threatening! Instead use some foil and an onion! They have the coolest onion holders at H-E-B, and they make cleaning your grill with an onion super easy.

I also like to challenge those well-done steak eaters. It is a free steak, be brave and try it medium-well! You might be amazed at how much flavor the steak has, and you won’t have to use that A1 sauce ever again!

At these events, I am always extra grateful for my time at The Texas Beef Council for giving me the skills to continue to administer this event! It definitely is one of the Texas CattleWomen’s favorite things to do!

Regardless of what it is, do what you love. Do what brings you joy. You never know how much joy you could bring to someone else along the way.

As always share some love, we could all use a little more love.


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