Creativity and Pursing Your Dreams

I recently got back into listening to my podcasts. I used to listen regularly, anytime I was driving, but somehow I got away from that. It is often said that everything happens for a reason. The book you pick up to read, may be the one you need to read at that point in time. The podcasts that I am listening to right now, are the ones I need to hear now.

There have been a lot of podcasts on creativity, pursing your dreams and goals, and success.

First and foremost, no one is going to understand your dreams more than you do. There is a good chance that you may not have any supporters. Or that people tell you how crazy your dream is and it will never work. Or they try to be nice and supportive, but you can tell they really don’t mean it. Guess what, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need support to chase your dreams. You especially don’t need someone else’s approval. All you need is yourself. You have your own support. You have your will and your own drive. You have that fiery spirit inside you that tells you, this is where my passion is.

Do you want to spend your days chasing something you love or staying in someone else’s box that was not meant for you?

When it comes to creativity, I believe that everything we do is an art. Whether that is the way you dress, how you style your hair or do your makeup. You are creating something unique. Heck, the other day, I saw a job advertisement for subway for a sandwich artist, everything is creative. The important thing is to focus on the creativity. Do the things you love and bring you passion, whatever happens after that is just a plus. Don’t lose yourself chasing success or lose your creativity trying to fit into a box to get successful. True creativity is where the magic happens. Even if what you create does not get seen by anyone, if you found joy and passion in that, then to me, it is worth it.

This was an important reminder for me. Sometimes we get lost in the, oh if I just make this post, or write this thing, or take this photo then I will be noticed or seen. Sometimes, it is important to go back to the drawing board and remember why you are doing things. Would I still create this if no one saw it?

Share some love, we could all use a little more love

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