Sometimes a Little Music is All We Need

I am on the road quite a bit, commuting to work, going to events and all the other things that life throws my way. I try to listen to podcasts but sometimes music is what I need. Today was one of those days.

Do you ever listen to a song, and it just hits your soul and then you listen to it on repeat until you get out of the truck? No? Just me? Okay, no worries, I know that I can be pretty weird at times.

Now don’t laugh, but today was Luke Combs – Houston, we got a problem. If you have never listened to this song, the lyrics are about Houston and Texas. As I was listening to the words, all kinds of thoughts flooded my mind. 

“I got my new boots covered in red dirt, a “Don’t Mess with Texas” T-shirt, and a Lonestar postcard, postmarked with missing you, it’s got the biggest sky you’ve ever seen…”

I immediately was so grateful that I have been raised in Texas. That I grew up with red dirt on my boots. That I have seen the most beautiful Texas Sunrises and Sunsets. Thankful, I have been able to travel Texas and see all the beauty it has to offer.

“…Should’ve seen Midnight Rodeo, the way them saloon doors swing when they line dance to “Copperhead Road…”

Grateful for some of the best times I have had dancing to Copper Head Road. It is funny how a simple song can bring you to a place of perspective. How a single song can turn your mindset around. How a simple song, can take a crummy week you have been having and turn it around, or better yet, how God can talk to you through a simple song and remind you of all the amazing wonders he offers us.

Take a moment today to stop and reflect and remember how grateful you are. Gratitude is a wonderful thing.

As always share some love, we could all use a little more love