Some Small Perks of Living in the Country

I grew up in a small town with about 10,000 people. I was able to spend a lot of time with my dad growing up and he lived outside the city limits. He lived in a neighborhood still but most of the houses had an acre or a little more of land with them. I thought this was living in the country and boy was I wrong.

For the last two years, I have lived in a tiny tiny town called Rosanky. We have a post office and a gas station called The Wagon Wheel. The closest towns with places in them would be Smithville (home of the Hope Floats movie) and Bastrop, which are each about a 20 minute drive. When I first moved here, I did not like it. On the very first day, I had to go to Bastrop and get a new phone because my old phone had no service. Zilch. Internet service, keep dreaming. Mind you, I moved from College Station, so this was a big big change. Buttttt my feelings have changed over the last two years and I am so grateful.

Top 3 reasons why you should live in the country

  • No internet service!

We do have some internet, it is just spotty at times. You can’t stream movies, Facetime and phone calls are spotty, and scrolling online is not really a thing. This may be hard for some to imagine but I am so incredibly thankful for this. Getting off social media has been so good for me. Also, think about all the extra time you have to do things that bring you happiness when you aren’t mindlessly scrolling through social media. My nose is normally stuck in a book, which I am always looking for new recommendations!

  • Wildlife

While, I would love to have cattle in my backyard, I am not quite there yet, but we do have wildlife. Spring/Summer is my favorite time, the fawns show up with their mothers. Watching them run and play so carefree, reminds you of the miracles of life.

  • Stars and the Moon

One of my favorite things to do is just sit outside and look at the stars. Look to find the constellations in the sky. You can’t see that in the city, there are too many lights. But out here, they are shining bright, right along with that moon. Breath taking.

While some of these things may not interest you in the least, you should try getting out of the city more. Even if it is just for a Sunday drive. Look at all the wonderful things surrounding you. All the miracles life brings us. Stop and smell the roses and remember the little things, the little things are the important things. Breath the fresh air, feel the goodness in your soul.

As always share some love, we could all use a little more love