Today She is Another Year Older

“Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her. She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown.” D. Marie

Today she turns another year older. Another year of continued growth. Another year of becoming wiser. Another year of chasing her dreams.

Today she is another year older. She is a fierce soul who loves with all her heart. She has wisdom beyond her years. She is constantly learning, breaking down the barriers that surround her. Music speaks to her soul. Books encourage her dreams and ambitions. She has a knack for learning. For happiness and peace. Her soul is a wanderer, waiting for the next adventure.

She has learned to see others. To listen. To see the world from their perspective. She shows up every day. To be the best version of how she sees her future self. She never stops trying to improve. Growth is her journey.

She makes mistakes. She falls backward but she always gets back up. She is grateful for her journey. Her journey is what got her here. She has owned that path, her future looks bright. She and only she can write her story. And oh what a beautiful story it will be.

She continues to choose her journey while being unapologetically her.

You know someone just like her. You could be her. Listen to your soul. Question things. Journal. Breath in the fresh air. Practice gratitude. Show up every day. Be authentic to yourself. It is okay to go against the grain. Search for Answers. Dig in Deep. Face the scary stuff. Be true to you.

Today she is another year older



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