The 5 Love Languages

Love Languages. I have read some on this concept before and am finishing up a book on Love Languages of Children. I am very fascinated by this concept. It is intriguing how different people need or prefer different ways of being loved, how filling someone’s love tank can change their whole demeanor. I don’t think you can fully understand the effects of giving someone love in their preferred way until you do it. I have listened to other people talk before and it seems that a lot of times if we can just give a little of what our partner needs, things would be a lot better for everyone involved.

If you are not familiar with The 5 Love Languages, we are going to jump into them right now.

  1. Physical Touch – you feel more loved when you have physical contact, whether that is hugs, or a hand being held, or a hand on your lower back as you are being led into a room. These continuous acts fill up your love tank.
  1. Words of Affirmation – you love hearing words of affection, and endearment, words of praise and encouragement. Hearing all these helps keep your love tank full.
  1. Quality Time – you prefer to spend one on one time with that special someone. While it doesn’t matter what you are doing, the fact that you are spending the time together is what keeps your love tank full
  1. Gifts – gift giving and gift receiving are very important to you, as these things help fill your love tank.
  1. Acts of Service – your love tank fills when the people around you do things to help you out. Something as simple as washing the dishes or folding clothes would be an act of service

So, what is your love language? You can take the test here to find out – – it is very short and easy to get through.

One of the interesting things that I have learned, is that when children are growing up, they will need all five love languages to fill their tank. They will express a primary one but as they get older that primary one could potentially change too. The children’s book is very enlightening, and I highly recommend reading it. That book is called: The 5 Love Languages of Children.

Whatever you decide to do, learning how to spread more love and help our partners and children feel more loved is the ultimate goal. The world needs more love!

Have any books you have been itching to read? Let me know, I would love to add them to my list or do a book review on them!



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